What's new in InDesign?

transpect user group, 16.9.2022

Recap: new features of InDesign 2022

What's new in InDesign 2023?

Release in October 2022

Sensei for InDesign

  • currently used for image extraction
  • presumably to detect text structures
  • apply styles automatically

UXP Scripting

  • new JavaScript engine
  • ExtendScript still available for backward compatibility
  • create panels with HTML, CSS, React, Spectrum CSS


  • many pantone palettes removed
  • only CMYK coated, CMYK uncoated and
    Metallics Coated still built-in
  • other Pantone palettes only with
    Pantone Connect Plugin available

Most requested InDesign features

  • split table rows across pages 729
  • MathML support 562
  • convert PDF to INDD 488
  • improving footnotes options 478
  • text variables breakable like normal text       425
  • GPU acceleration on Windows 397
  • allow multiple nested character styles 347
  • Actions Panel like Photoshop, Illustrator 340

What's new for our
transpect InDesign scripts

transpect preflight script

  • checks styles and conditional text
  • simplifies IDML export

image export script

  • alternative text from InDesign or EXIF metadata
  • many Bugfixes

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