5. Treffen der transpect User Group

Leipzig, 16.9.2022


Open Source Software

transpect control: svn

  • Background: svn, our “CMS for the poor” (and mostly for books)
  • Drawbacks:
    1. hard to archive a single work, to purge its history, and to reclaim the space
    2. complicated tools, hardly integrated in workflows

Addressing item 1 (one repo per work, mounted into the content hierarchy by means of “svn externals”) leads to even more complicated management.

We want to keep svn, but put a nice GUI on top of it.

A GUI that supports transpect’s conversion workflows and content organization.

transpect control: GUI

Operations such as:

  • create new repo for a work and attach it to its series in the hierarchy
  • move, rename, and archive a work repo

But also:

  • full-text search
  • combinable XPath search of the XML content
  • search for works that use specific InDesign styles
  • search for per-work overrides (CSS, XSLT, …)

Perspectively: Launch conversions, ingest the results into svn

transpect control: Demo

@ Hogrefe

Math on the Web: Firefox native pre-2022

(taken from ISO 10110-12:2007 + ISO 10110-12 AMD 1:2013)

Firefox native, as facilitated by MathJax

Math on the Web: Firefox native 2022

MathML 4 Core removed mfenced, and Firefox implemented that already

Firefox native

Math on the Web: MathJax

pro: easy to enable, some accessibility support; contra: quite slow, no breaks within inline equations


Math on the Web: KaTeX

pro: faster, seamless fonts; contra: more setup effort


Math on the Web: Chrome